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KeyLemon Desktop Application version 4

Over the last few months, we have been working very hard on a new version of KeyLemon Desktop Application which embeds a new face recognition engine and new presentation attack detection methods (i.e spoofing detection).

With this new version, we decided it was time to totally refactor the application and make a deep redesign of its architecture for optimal support of the latest versions of Windows and macOS operating systems and underlying authentication mechanisms. Version 4 targets Windows 10 and OS X El Capitan or newer (>10.11).

In this new version, we decided to simplify some concepts of the application and we have focused on the main functionality of the application, login with face recognition, trying to make it as convenient, simple and secure as possible. We removed the concept of multi-models for a single person to give preference to the concept of adaptation of the face profile. If you are not well recognized after moving to a new lighting environment, you should adapt your profile. However, version 4 still allows multiple persons to share the same Windows or macOS session, as we know this feature is used by many of you.

Version 4 contains a new face recognition engine which is more accurate and robust. We know that main potential errors of face recognition come from difficult lighting conditions or face pose, i.e. non-frontal. To handle these issues, the KeyLemon Desktop Application includes now a Quality Control module which ensures the user's face is frontal and lighting conditions are good enough to perform accurate face recognition. Version 4 will now provide guidance in real time to help you adjust for optimal conditions to perform accurate face recognition.

In addition to better face recognition accuracy and robustness, this version also adds new presentation attack detection methods based on two different challenge-responses techniques:

Version 4 drops LemonLock and LemonDay plugin.

Migration/Upgrade to version 4.x

Please visit the download page of KeyLemon Desktop Application to download the installer of KeyLemon Desktop Application version 4 for Windows or macOS. Before installing version 4, make sure to uninstall any previous version of KeyLemon Desktop Application.

Licenses for version 2.x/3.x are not compatible with version 4.x. You will need to migrate your license to generate a new license for v4.x. You can migrate your license using the migration page available here.

Support for v4.x

You will find lot of information in the user guide about version 4 or in our FAQ. If you don't find what you are looking for, please use our support form

End of support for v2.x/3.x

Support for version v2.x/v3.x has been terminated. No new release is planned for version 3.x (on Windows) or 2.x (on macOS).