Forget the pain of typing your password and unlock your session using face recognition!

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Convenient and fast authentication

A fast and easy login to access your Windows or macOS session.

KeyLemon Desktop Application allows to unlock your session simply by looking at your camera.

Accurate and secure authentication

KeyLemon Desktop Application benefits from a highly accurate face recognition engine. Spoofing detection can be activated to ensure that the user is not trying to trick the system during the verification phase, e.g. by presenting a photo of someone else to get an illegitimate access. Identity theft detection is based on challenge-responses for which the user has limited time to perform the requested action.

Three different challenge-responses can be activated:

  • eye blink challenge
  • head movement challenge
  • combination of eye blink and head movement challenges

Available on Windows and Mac

Unlock your session with face recognition thanks to the KeyLemon Desktop Application (available on both Windows and macOS).

Minimum OS requirement:

  • Windows 10 64-bit
  • Mac OS X El Capitan or greater

Forget the pain of typing your password

Forget typing your password dozens of times a day and login by simply looking at your camera.

Data privacy ensured

KeyLemon Desktop Application stores and encrypts the biometric model on the local system. It does not send personal data to a server, thus keeping your personal data confidential and safe.

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